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Strange familiar
“I don’t know why you’re making such a fuss of going to New Zealand for 10 weeks”, said my friend T. over a farewell beer. “Sometimes we don’t meet up
Log / 30.11.2017 / The substitute city
We are going to be living in “Christchurch Central” for the next few weeks – as opposed to “Christchurch actual”. The two parts of the city seem to be completely


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Log / 29.11.2017 / Around the world in 80 hours*
(* or more accurately: “Around half the world in 37 hours”, but that’s not much of a title!) One million bags of flour We have been in Christchurch for 10
The world is your oyster
I'm white and I'm a man and I don't like oyster. Here is a text about a new friend, about Auckland, about equlaity (or the lack of it) and of
Same same but different
Everything is different in New Zealand, they say: Christmas is in summer, which is in winter. Water goes down the plughole in the same direction as in Germany, which is
Christchurch – the youngest oldest city in the world
Christchurch, or Ōtautahi, is New Zealand’s third-largest city, located on the east coast of what until just a few years ago was simply called the “South Island”, now Te Wai
From Berlin to Christchurch
At the invitation of the Goethe-Institut in Wellington and The Physics Room gallery in Christchurch, I will be spending two-and-a-half months in New Zealand as from mid-November – travelling, writing,